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Western Turquoise Jewelry: Blossom Necklace
Western Turquoise Jewelry: Blossom Necklace

West & Co. Jewlery

Western Turquoise Jewelry: Blossom Necklace

$74.99 USD


A statement piece with natural beauty. Perfect for any occasion, this necklace is as versatile as it is striking.

• This piece is made with real turquoise.

• Each piece is set in sterling silver.

• The necklace portion of this piece with composed of individual grey beads.

Our gorgeous Blossom Necklace is the cherry on top of any outfit. It’s large turquoise pieces are eye-catching, adding a naturalistic flare to the wearer. Its blossoming flowers on the sides of each turquoise piece give the necklace a fresh and new look, symbolizing rebirth or growth.  If you are looking for a gorgeous statement piece that utilizes both natural beauty and signifies personal growth, this necklace is perfect for you!

Real Turquoise Pieces

Blossoming Flower Designs

Beaded Necklace String

Sterling Silver Settings

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