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Dixie Duster
Dixie Duster

Crazy Train

Dixie Duster

$45.00 USD


Adorable and playful, perfect for adding a little extra something to any outfit you own. Our Dixie Duster is both light and flowing, perfect for the summer months!

• Our Dixie Duster fits all sizes.

• Each Duster is designed with a mid-length sleeve.

• Every Dixie Duster is designed to hit mid-calf.

It’s all about animal print! Ritzy and Rustic Boutique only provides our customers with the latest trends in women’s western fashion. Well, cheetah print is back and better than ever! Wear this duster with a nice shirt and a stylish pair of blue jeans, and you are ready to go! Our Dixie Duster is a wonderful accent accessory to add to your wardrobe or your rodeo wear. At Ritzy and Rustic, we strive you give you only the latest and greatest in rodeo apparel, and here it is!

One Size Fits All

Cheetah Print

Light, Flowing Material


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