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Cowgirl Apparel: Corales Belt
Cowgirl Apparel: Corales Belt

Double D Ranchwear

Cowgirl Apparel: Corales Belt

$295.00 USD




Bold, beautiful, and of course, rustic. Let’s introduce you to our boutique’s greatest treasure.


• Our Corales Belt is handmade with the greatest of care.

• Crafted with genuine leather, this piece is built to last.

• Placed on the Corales Belt is real turquoise pieces.


This piece is not for the light of heart. It is bold and makes a statement the second you enter any room. It is genuine, however, and begs to be worn by someone who will appreciate its value. It’s turquoise pieces provide a pop of color to any outfit and give off an Earthly and beautifully rustic appearance. If you think this handmade belt would make a nice addition to your wardrobe, shop now!


Sizing: 28 (XS), 30 (S), 32 (M), 34 (L), 36(XL), 38 (XXL), 40 (XXXL)

Delivery Option Available: 6-8 Weeks

Belt Made to Order

Real Turquoise Pieces

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