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Wild and Western Tee

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Wild and Western Tee

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This t-shirt proves you can be both western and wild!

• This is the perfect tee for casual occasions.

• Along the collar and sleeves is red trimming.

• This t-shirt can fit all sizes and genders.

This tee proves that you can indeed be both western and wild. Our American-Style Wild and Western tee is a perfect base for any outfit and is compatible with a jean or leather jacket. Wear it with a skirt to dress it up, or wear it with jeans to dress it down! The red trimming along the collar and sleeves gives the shirt a beautiful pop of cherry-red color. If you would like to wear cowgirl apparel with a message, you simply cannot beat this tee! Embrace both sides, and wear this beautiful tee to the rodeo or in your own home!

Color: White and Cherry Red

Unisex Ringer Tee

Thick collar

Cherry-red Trimming

Cotton Material

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