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However you found us, Welcome ! 

My name is Jordyn Curtis and I was born and raised a Nevada cowgirl. Besides growing up on a small ranch, I have always loved the fashion in the rodeo world and I have always told myself that one day I would have my own business. Well, here I am today following my life long passion and dream.

Growing up I was also exposed to a lot of antiques due to family members trading, selling, and cherishing things that were a little rusted or scratched and it was because of this that created the name Ritzy & Rustic . Just because something looks a little distressed or old fashion does not mean that it doesn't carry value. My goal for this boutique is to provide the ritzy and the rustic to your everyday look. Carrying styles from BOHO, Western Vintage, Southern Chic, and a touch of Modern to create that southern vogue or for my Nevada ladies, Nevada Femme.

So, with a whole lot of faith and determination Ritzy & Rustic Boutique has been born. This business started on a nickel and my goal is not to become the richest women in the world, but to simply provide for my family and offer fashionable clothing and accessories for my local Nevada gals, but also for my following fashion babes out there. I strive to be better everyday and I look forward to meeting new friends and creating a Ritzy & Rustic family. 

With a whole lot of class, comes a little sass.

Yours Truly,

Jordyn Curtis