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Jordyn Curtis

Posted on April 10 2018

Top Fashions Mixed with Humble Southern Style

For some women, fashion can be a challenge to buy — but not because of their personal finances. Actually, one of the greatest challenges to women it finding the time to go shopping for their clothing. Today, women comprise 47 percent of the total American workforce — that’s 123 million women! And, that number is only suspected to increase, with the majority of women (ages 16 and above) are finding that they too would like to work for wages. However, with women choosing to work during the day, they rarely have the capability to shop for the items they want or need. Women’s online shopping has become a major market on the internet, as many find it easy and simple. All you have to do is type say, a top you want, and thousands of results will pop up. From there, all women have to do is comb through the search results in order to find what they are looking for. Best of all, after they have found the chic top they want, they can pay online and have it shipped to their home. That means that no woman has to ever spend hours in a store scooping through endless amounts of clothing. With online shopping, searches are exact, payments are easy, and shipping is painless. Because of this, hard-working women can focus on more important things such as their family, or even their careers. But with thousands of results to one search, what separates one online clothing store from the others? In this blog, we will discuss what separates Ritzy and Rustic Boutique from other online stores that you might come across on the internet.

Top Fashion Trends

A boutique must have top fashion trends. If a clothing store, either physical or online, do not present fashion trends, it won’t survive. Most shoppers will only be attracted to stores because of their fashion sense and the intriguing pieces they sell. At our boutique, we collect exquisite pieces from all over the country. Our motivation for the items we sell stems from our love for fashion and style. All of our pieces are chosen with the intention of inspiring our customers.

Quality Clothing

A boutique is only relevant if they sell quality goods. People won’t buy items that won’t last longer than one wear. If an online clothing store doesn’t sell well-made, durable clothing, no one will buy from them. At Ritzy and Rustic, we are proud to say that we sell high-quality items that can be worn over and over again. Quality is one of our top priorities, which is why we differ from other online clothing stores.


For the quality of our clothing, our prices are hard to beat. It is rare that you will find a boutique with these low of prices, for items that you will not find anywhere else. When you buy online, it is possible that you will find something that no one else will have. That, of course, will make your outfit strictly unique and one-of-a-kind. However, because of this exclusivity, some online stores like to overcharge their customers. Not us! Ritzy and Rustic charges fair prices for our items, from hats to maxi dresses.

Ritzy and Rustic

At Ritzy and Rustic Boutique, you will find items that you will find nowhere else. Our goal is to provide women top fashion trends as easily as possible. As an online clothing store, our mission is to give women easy access to all the best fashion for incredible prices. Visit our online store today.